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We Help Traders Build Consistency, Disclipline and Profitability.

Through Fundamentals, Price Action and Orderflow Analysis Protocols.

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Jan Smolen


Empowering Traders with a Hybrid Data-Based Discretional Approach

Since its foundation, Morpheus Trading Institute has implemented a mechanical and nearly-systematic approach to strategy validation. 

Inspired by algorithmic trading, every discretionary strategy that we provide follows a strict validation protocol which include the following crucial phases:

- market study and observation
- identification of repeating patterns and inefficiencies
- edge combination
- backtesting and optimization
- forward testing
- stress testing

This way, we are able to not only provide high quality education on financial market analisys alone, but in the context of an actual and actionable strategies that our students can try to replicate, or adapt to their own.



Our Educational Ecosystem

We believe that trading is technical and hence needs a very practical approach.

All of our educational programs are engineered to provide constant exposure to live market scenarios and setups. 

In order to achieve this we have built a team of professionals that works tirelessly to provide constantly updated and optimized information and strategies (given the constantly changing markets).


We aim to provide a dynamic educational approach to financial markets, with different strategies covering various timeframes, markets and analytical approaches.


Moreover we have created an empowering environment, where the community itself contributes to research and improvement, not only regarding trading but everything that gravitates around it.



Our Solid and Realistic 

Extensive Study:
The First step of our protocol involves an immersive learning experience through advanced

live-streaming seminars.

Strategy Development:
The second phase of our protocol

includes a specific and objective

rule-setting process based on statistical evidence.

Testing and Optimization

The following phase foresees a thorough test of the strategy on past and present market data followed by trigger optimization and risk profiling. 

Stress Test and Validation:

This crucial part of the protocol consists in applying the strategy in real market environment or through prop firm evaluation.

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