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"We Help Retail Traders to Build Consistency and Profitability"

Even if you start from 0, through a Smart Money and Orderflow Analysis Protocol

Our Mission

Okay, think about it

How many "educators" have you ever seen applying their analytical process? Taking about errors and hard times openly?

I can imagine your answer...

It's not surprising then, that your results are not really getting where you'd like them to.

It's easy to buy the lifestyle tales of fake gurus who simply profit out of people dreams with online pre-recorder courses.

Trading is Practical though. It's not theoretical, it's done on a day by day basis on actual markets and most important it's a difficult process, not a shortcut to make money.

That's why a pre-recorded course is little to no-use to you, because the markets dynamic change and you need to optimize your approach.

Often, you end up payin thousands of dollars to find out that the same information can be easily found online, for free...

And no practical approach! How can you understand the market without an objective process? We improve our systems day by day and side by side with our community.

So we decided to use a live education approach, you can see for yourself day by day if the market dynamics we use gives you a real Edge in the market.



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About Us: The Team


Fabio Valentini (Fabervaale)

  • Professional Trader and Entrepreneur;

  • Pioneer of the 100% Live approach with 2 years of Live Analysis in front of thousands of students;

  • Promoter of the Smart Money method since 2017.

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Andrea Cimitan (stealthretail)

  • Independent Trader and Entrepreneur;

  •  Founder of Italy's largest Price Action Trading Community (+40,000 people);

  • Reference point in Italy for Smart Money concepts and Prop Firms world.

Our Training Proposals

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Market Matrix is a theoretical-practical training protocol designed to take you from a complete neophyte and baboon of the markets, to a full-blown Price Action and Orderflow Black Belt. 

We have always brought our students drastically higher than average quality information and above all RESULTS, with Price Action Strategies to Put Your Hands in Your Hair.

But with Market Matrix plus lots of study and elbow grease, you have the opportunity to once again take your trading to the next level.

And we're not just talking about increasing market awareness...

We're talking about:

- Increasing Winrate

- Increasing the Risk-Reward Ratio

- Bring as much objectivity as a discretionary trader can hope to achieve

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Our Solid and Realistic 

Extensive Study:
No binge-watching our courses while cooking. Take your time to understand all the concepts completely.

Create Your Plan:
Thoroughly write down your trading plan. Include you Entry Checklist, Risk-Management and Position-Management Rules.

Backtesting/ Forwardtesting:
Replay the chart and start backtesting your strategy in order to optimise your position management and sizing. Then test your optimized strategy in real market conditions.

Trade and Scale:
Time to play the actual "game" with your personal account or with a Prop Firm and start your scaling journey.



What They Say on Us

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