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Risk Disclaimer

The information contained on this site, in the Videos/Live Sessions and the "trade ideas" do not in any way constitute an 'invitation to invest or investment advice but represent solely the Provider's personal thoughts and opinions on the subject matter discussed.

Nor are they standardized recommendations aimed at indistinct audiences.

Of the latter, however, they replicate some characteristics, since the type of message:

is not personalized in that it is not lent "ad personam"

Is not presented as suitable for a specific person

The Provider does not know any information related to the personal characteristics of the users connected to this site, especially income streams, ability to sustain losses, assets and financial situation, knowledge and experience, psychological condition, time horizon and investment goals.

Anyone who takes positions consistent with the proposed analyses does so under his or her sole and total responsibility.

The analyses and the information and opinions set forth herein, although the result of careful processing are provided for educational and informational purposes only, with no warranty either express or implied.

The user releases the Providers from any and all liability for any loss, cost, damage, or other, direct or indirect, including negligence, arising out of any attempt to put in place an operation consistent with its analysis that may be proposed. The Author does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information.

Replicability of any technical and/or economic results described is not guaranteed.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Trading Forex, CFDs, futures, options and other derivatives are High Risk Capital Loss activities and may not be suitable for everyone. 90% of traders lose 90% of their margin in the first 90 days. It is highly discouraged to risk more than one is willing to lose.

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